Prawning, our new hobby.

Everyone's working, while I'm the one having a long holidays. So while they work, I stayed at home, when they don't, we went to...

Everyone's working, while I'm the one having a long holidays. So while they work, I stayed at home, when they don't, we went to shopping or staying at home watch some movie, bake some cake, sleep a little bit longer and that's it. That's my everyday routine and I was bored, seriously and that's why I've planned on a few trips to get away. 

Until last Saturday, when I'm photoshop-ing my trips photo in Langkawi Underwater World looking at those strange physically living creatures, I started to YouTube those deep sea creatures. Browse, browse, browse and out of a sudden, I told the boyfie I wanted to fish something. Searching a while in Google and I found out something like prawn fishing/ prawning. That's interesting for me since I have never tried before and we started to call up some friends to join us on Sunday. 

We have a few choices on the prawn pond, we then end up with Tropicana Ebi Fishing. First, because the business name with the word ebi, sounds like sushi-ish for me who always preferred Japan/ Japanese stuff. Second, because of the environment which look much more spacious, as most of the other prawn pond are in a shop lot, space are limited that actually make me feel not so comfortable with.  

Before everybody reached, we have some time looking around, see how other people do their prawning and that's look easy. They happened to fish up a prawn in like every 5 minutes, and that's a kids of I think not more than 10 years old. Bravo! 

We start with cutting some sort of insects like earthworm, place them on the hooks and you may then start your prawning. 

Michelle is the first one who got her first prawn among us. Other people seems to prawn fishing easily, when you yourself are doing it, it's definitely different. 

Follow up with Mr. Polar Bear. 

And then your truly turn. I don't dare to hold it in the early time that's why I'm just holding their antenna. I'm almost to scream for help whenever it's trying to struggle. 

Follow up with the 2 late comers, who are almost an hour later than us. 

And finally, my poor little pity boyfie get his first prawn after 80 minutes of waiting. Owhhhh, poor little boy with his poor little prawn. Lols. 

Finally, group photos of every time one person is not inside of the photo for being as the camera man wtf. We've spent like 3 hours time there prawning. 6 persons, 3 hours, end up with 14 prawns. We're still poor in prawning, but who cares at least we gave a damn try. 

So now finally we have got a new hobby, whenever we're free we feel like prawning, not because we get to BBQ afterwards but the feeling and happiness of you fish them up yourself other than buying them from the markets. 

Last but not least, your activity zone. Your focus area, you have no time to look around, chit-chatting grandmother story around whenever you get your fishing rod ready into the pond     =)

Tropicana Ebi Fishing
Address : Lot 27, Kawasan Landskap & Nursery Jalan Tropicana Selatan, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Business Hours : 3:00pm - 12:00am (Monday - Friday) ; 2:00pm - 12:00am (Saturday - Sunday)
Contact Number : 017-6412284
Facebook Page : Tropicana Ebi Fishing

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