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I've just came back from my Bangkok trip 2 days ago with my family, it was a fun trip. Everyone are busy with their work and the rest d...

I've just came back from my Bangkok trip 2 days ago with my family, it was a fun trip. Everyone are busy with their work and the rest doesn't know how to online so I'm the one in charged of the research and plan the trip. You won't believe that the rest of them went to Thailand at least once while me as the planner, never been there. I was like blindly read thru all those tour pages and blogs without any real-life knowledge. lollls. 

Our trip started on 24th October, 6:00 in the morning while everyone still in the sweet dream. We were kinda tired on the first day because we get our luggage packed by 1:00 in the midnight and we the ladies have to woke up around 3:30 something to prepared ourselves. 

“Welcome on-board" must take photo, everyone is doing so I just follow the trend. Lolllls. 

So it's a common question, everyone will ask you is your trip fun? So if the trips is fun is definitely depends on what kind of trip that you're looking for. If let's say like my dad, he preferred tourist hot spots so he can take pictures and feel himself in the real environment rather than looking in those tv show. And for my mum, she preferred shopping rather than tourist spots, of course she wanted some tourist photo but most of the time she'll be questioning "Are we going to shopping after this?" 

The comments from both of them after the trip was good, I planned the trip with half of the time visit those tourist hot spots, and half of the trip for shopping to fulfilled both of them. I'm fine with anything since I'm first time there. 

So if you preferred shopping, that's the heaven. Not to mentioned that that's the heaven of ladies, because to be honest both the guys spend more than us the female. From the picture above, we've spend a total of 11,564 baht (round of to be around RM1,200) on buying clothes, shoes, accessories and etc. As for me that's definitely worth because they're all good quality, I means you couldn't get this price with this kind of quality in our country for at least. 

Most of them brought by my parents, I didn't buy lotsa snacks from Bangkok. Because every time we'll end up them expired in the dustbin, like those chocolate we brought from our Langkawi trip in April we also haven't finish. I'm just addict with the Kitkats which I haven't tried before, lolllls. 

We went there with 2 luggage in black on the right, then we end up with 3 luggage and 3 hand carry recycle bag. And yea, the pinkish luggage belongs to me, I've finally got my own luggage bag with my favorite color and it cost me 1500 baht, consider as cheap right? 

Then afterward we add on few more hand carry bag before we arrived in Malaysia. 

Then everyone have their own type of collectibles during their trips, like my mom like to collect fridge magnet, while my dad and my boyfie like to collect wine, and mine always go to perfume/ teddy bear. Didn't get to buy any teddy bear during the entire trips so I fulfilled myself with this set of limited edition of DKNY. 

Stay tuned! 

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